Episode 170 of the Video Show – topics include – Why the winners in life are the ‘doers and the ‘tryers‘ – How to turn a grumpy waiting client into a happy one – Get rid of some of the headaches in managing your practice – How to handle a painful conversation in the exam room and my quick business tip for this episode

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 170episode 170

In this episode we’ll learn why the winners in life are the ‘doers and the ‘tryers‘s and see how to turn a grumpy waiting….

Winners in life are the doers and the tryersJohn Blog image

I’m a fan of the great Tom Peters – author of ‘In Search of Excellence’, management guru for 40 years or more and from a quote in the…..

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 169episode 169

In this episode we’ll learn about an elegant way to reach agreement in even the most difficult situations ….

An elegant way to reach agreementJohn Blog image

I’m planning the contents of this episode as the forthcoming referendum on the UK’s future ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the European Union…..

News and Views – June 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include People are Awesome – but so are their pets – Feeling squeezed by corporate competition? – “This is my….

Practice ownership is not a cage ….caged-60.png

You can make time for life and family and hobbies and healthy priorities and healthy boundaries as a practice owner. Let your team help. This article is an excerpt …….

When People Ask for Career Advice …career-advice-60.png

Since I began this column more than a year ago, a number of readers have reached out to me for advice on their own work lives. The individual situations ……

Stop the Revolving Door at your Practicemotivation-60.png

Trying to keep clients is hard enough, but problematic employee turnover on top of that can be a nightmare. Here are a couple ways to retain …….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 168episode 168

In this episode we’ll learn about the need to reduce confusion to increase conversion and we’ll hear about two ….

Confused clients won’t say yesJohn Blog image

Whatever you role in practice, part of your responsibility is to promote the value of your skills to the boss, your colleagues and your clients….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 167episode 167

In this episode we’ll why practice owners need the right information at the right time for effective decision making and we’ll learn ….

Value of regular management reportsJohn Blog image

I’m just back from presenting at a workshop session for practice owners, many of whom recognised the importance of ….

News and Views – May 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include ‘The dog, the cat and the rat’, ‘Strategic Planning…essential for success in your veterinary practice’, ‘3 Myth that…

Items Every Policy Manual Should Includebusiness-manual-60.png

Although a policy manual is about as much fun to write as it is to read,it can be one of your practice’s most important documents. Manuals are often…….

What’s bugging Practice Managers?hazard-in-exam-room-60

What’s your top staff-related frustration? “Staff members who say they want change but are the first to go back to the old way of doing things after……..

6 Traits of an Extraordinary Leaderleader-60

You are a leader and the world is awaiting your instructions. This is true whether you manage a team in a company, lead a classroom, or run a household…….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 166episode 166

In this episode we’ll hear hear how to make the first 5 minutes of your clients visit to the practice go with a WOW and we’ll hear how to …..

Make that first 5 minutes fabulousJohn Blog image

When will a visitor to your practice start judging whether or not your services represent value for money, whether…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 165episode 165

In this episode we’ll hear how to thank clients who refer other animal owners to your practice and we’ll ask if leadership is an innate ……

How to thank clients who referJohn Blog image

During a seminar that I was co-presenting recently, we got involved in an interesting discussion about how to express…

News and Views – April 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include ‘4 ways to break veterinary clients’ Dr. Google habit’, ‘8 Ways To Let It All Go’, ‘Are you a leader orr a manager?e …

The top two secrets for your success
John Blog image

I recently had an opportunity to talk to undergraduates in Dublin about some of the reasons why an understanding of the …

5 hazards lurking for vets in the exam roomhazard-in-exam-room-60

Failing to cultivate client relationships can derail the many great things we veterinarians do in practice. To connect with clients, I steer clear of a…….

Delivering and Communicating Value?value-60.png

According to a recent issue of Money magazine, veterinarians were ranked fourth on the list of jobs likely to grow in 10 years in the United ……

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 164episode 164

In this episode we’ll hear about the top two non-clinical skills required by your associate vets in practice and we’ll ask ……

Diving into a veterinary partnership?partnership-60

Partnership is experiencing a renaissance in veterinary practice ownership. And although partnerships can run into unanticipated problems, they…….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 163episode 163

We’ll hear from veterinary students about the benefits of membership of the Veterinary Business Management Association …

That’ll be how much?!!
John Blog image

How are your plans progressing to promote dental care for your small animal patients in practice? You’ve done all the planning, you …

Owning a practice can be dauntingdaunting-60

Owning a business is definitely daunting, terrifying, exhilarating, infuriating and the best thing I’ve ever done. But it’s never smooth sailing ….

Staff Training is Not a Pain – but….training-pain-60

Got questions about how to make training more successful? Here are some great answers to common questions“What should I do about my staff’s resistan…..







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