Episode 178 of the Video Show – topics include – The value of knowing your veterinary clinic’s bonding rate – How to deal with a severe case of Financial DT’s – What should be your Number 1 Practice Owner Strategy – How to ask for a pay rise in veterinary practice and my quick business tip for this episode

Attract and retain a healthy client database
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Now that we are beginning to generate some meaningful information about the profitability of veterinary practices in the UK,

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 178episode 178

In this episode we’ll learn the value of knowing your veterinary clinic’s bonding rate and we’ll see how to deal with a severe case of

8 Facts Practice Owners Need to Knowcorporate-consolidators-100.png

Editors Note: This important article refers specifically to Veterinary Corporate Consolidators in North America but the advice ….

Coping with compassion fatigue ….compassion-fatigue-100.png

Data from a mental health survey of more than 10,000 veterinarians in the United States suggests that nearly one in 10 U.S.veterinarians

News and Views – October 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Life is Better with a Dog – 4 ways to break veterinary clients’ Dr. Google habit – Let’s make our team WANT to come to..

I don’t like or enjoy veterinary dentistrydog-teeth-100.png

As a veterinarian, I will admit that at times I’ve had a love hate relationship with dentistry. I still remember in my second practice….

Business performance and KPI monitoringJohn Blog image

Some years ago during a business trip to Australia I had an opportunity to meet up with Anne and Paolo Lencioni – two vets who are also

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 177episode 177

In this episode we’ll hear about at an initiative which combines the benefits of sophisticated practice management software

We can learn from the success of Team GBJohn Blog image

Here in the UK we are in the midst of enjoying the television coverage of the Olympic Games in Rio. Team GB is enjoying huge success and

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 176episode 175

In this episode we’ll learn how ‘playing a game’ can meld a group of individuals into a team of people with a common purpose in life

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 175episode 175

In this episode we’ll take a sneak peek at the Veterinary Management Institute in the United States and we’ll hear about the most common

Identify your lapsed clients and their needsJohn Blog image

Some of the most important key performance indicators in veterinary practice relate to your client database.You certainly need to

Three important people you want to be closecarpenters-100.png

Why do birds suddenly appear – Every time you are near? – Just like me, they long to be – Close to you. In 1970, the brother/sister act…..

Associate buy-ins: No tricks, just treats …partnership-100.png

In order to find out whether or not there’s chemistry between a veterinary practice owner and a newly-hired associate, you need to

News and Views – September 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Dogs vs Water – Are these five deadly sins slaying your exam room efforts? – Why are they not like me? – What’s a vet ..

M. O. N. E. Y. ! Why you need it …money-100.png

Of course, money is one representation of success. “Money makes the world go around,” the saying goes. But that is not ..

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 174episode 174

In this episode we’ll we’ll hear why discounting confuses clients and veterinary associates about the real cost of veterinary services and…

Discounting confuses clients and staffJohn Blog image

Does your small animal practice regard routine vaccination and neutering as ‘shoppable’ services which you have to offer at a….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 173episode 173

In this episode we’ll ask if cashflow could be killing your practice and we’ll hear what Australian Vet Businesses might be doing …

Is cashflow killing your veterinary practice?John Blog image

Running out of money is a much more common reason for the failure of small businesses than the poor level of profit that they are able…..

Wellness Plans – the other side …wellness-100.png

The Veterinary world is being inundated with conversations about Wellness Plans – everywhere; the internet, Facebook, print magazine,….

Working 80 Hours a week is not what …overworked-100.png

You can tell a soon-to-fail entrepreneur by the tired, haggard look in his eyes. Like extras from “The Walking Dead,” they stumble ….

News and Views – August 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Fly Like an Eagle – Benchmark these five numbers to grow the value of your veterinary business – 3 things you MUST ….

Conflict Avoidance -It Won’t Go Away …conflict-100.png

People who withdraw in response to conflict think they’re better than the yellers, because they feel they’re not as “aggressive.” As…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 172episode 172

In this episode we’ll learn why understanding the business of practice will be key to your success as a clinician and we’ll ….

The key to your success as a clinicianJohn Blog image

Graduating from vet school with an understanding that veterinary practice is a business and that your success in a practice career will ….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 171episode 171

In this episode we’ll something about the relationship between stress and productivity and see how to to promote the ….

The benefits and the dangers of stressJohn Blog image

It’s no secret that a career in veterinary practice can be a stressful one in part because of the working hours, the fear ….

Leaders Let Go without Losing Control.leader-new-60.png

Massive flocks of starlings, known as murmurations, exhibit a rare combination of speed and scale. The birds coordinate themselves with remarkable agility

Proven Ways to Work Smarter, Not Hardersmarter-60.png

Working harder can be an easy habit to slip into. No matter how much nor how hard we try, sometimes it’s hard to switch off at the end of the day







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